About US

As India's National Broadcaster and also the premier Public Service Broadcaster, All India Radio (AIR) has been serving to inform, educate and entertain the masses since it's inception, truly living up to its motto – 'Bahujan Hitaya : Bahujan Sukhaya'. AIR originates programming in 23 languages and 146 dialects. AIR also happens to be a stellar advertising platform, providing more than ample slots for advertisers to advertise.

Mission of All India Radio

  • Industrial Growth: Provide a platform for the growth of small and medium sized enterprises in the form of paid promotions.
  • Quality Entertainment: Design programs which will pique the interest of, and in the process, educate, enrich and enlighten one and all.
  • Enhance Instant Brand Awareness: Attempt to raise awareness of and promote developmental activities and encourage advancements in agriculture, education, health, science and technology sectors.
  • Leverage Brand value: Provide ample opportunities for advertisers to be associated with the goodwill that is attached to AIR and AIR's productions.
  • Maximum returns to investment: AIR's immense reach, combined with affordable rates makes them one of the best advertising platforms available.