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Can we get media planning assistance via releaseMyAd?

Yes,we offer free radio campaign planning services helping you get the right results by placing your Ads at the right stations during the right times at the right cost.

What are the factors that I require to keep in mind to decide a fm station?

Radio stations should be selected based on:
  Language of the radio station
  Cost per 10 seconds
  Reach of the radio station
  Station where your competitor is advertising
  your target audience type

What should be my ad length?

Ad length depends on what message you want to deliver to your target audience.A short ad of 10 sec can use a voice over but a longer ad should be in jingle form to get good results.Your ad length also depends on the objective and your product type.Minimum Ad length should be 10 seconds.

What should be my campaign duration?

A minimum campaign duration is 1 week.You should choose your campaign duration based on your objective and budget.

How many times a day should I play my Ad?

You are required to play your Ad atleast 5 times a day.

Which time of the day should I place my Ad?

Your Ad placement depends upon your target audience.If there are the working class then peak hours will do the needful.If you want to target the home makers then you need to advertise during the afternoon hours.

What is the process of booking an Ad via releaseMyAd?

You can easily book your Ad via the following process:
  -Select city,ad duration,frequency,campaign duration and ad placement.
  -Select the radio stations suiting your needs and budget.
  -Preview your media plan and proceed to compose Ad (upload your ad creative or choose to get creatives from us)
  -Select the Ad type,theme,language and drop your ad message
  -Select date,preview campaign details and make payment.

What are my payment options?

There are a number of payment options that are available, and you can choose the one with which you are most comfortable. The payment options are:
  Online Options: Net Banking, Credit and Debit cards – MasterCard, Visa, Maestro Card.
  Offline Options: Cheque Deposit, Demand Drafts, and Cash Collection from home/office.
  National Electronic Funds Transfer ( NEFT)

How many days in advance do I need to book my Ad?

You need to book your Ad and clear payment 2 days in advance from the day of broadcasting. For a campaign to begin from Wednesday you need to book by Monday.

How do I know that my ad is being played?

We share the ad schedule that mentions an approximate time when your ad would get played. You can listen to the radio at that time to hear your ad. At the end of the campaign, we will share broadcast certificates provided by the radio stations .

What is included in the rates? What do you mean by Rs 600/10 sec ?

For example: if we say the rate is Rs. 600 for a radio station, it means that if you play a 10 second ad once on that radio station in that city, it would cost Rs. 600. So if you wish to play a 20 second ad once, the cost would be Rs. 600 X 2 = Rs. 1,200 and if you play the twenty second ad 4 times, it would cost Rs. 1,200 X 4 = Rs. 4,800.

What is the cost dependent on?

Your Ad cost is dependent on the following factors:
  Radio Station –Rates vary from station to station.
  Ad Location – The city is where you want your Ads to be broadcasted.
  Ad Frequency – The number of times in a day the ad will be broadcast.
  Ad Duration – The length of each individual Ad in seconds.
  Ad Tenure – The total duration of the ad campaign
  Ad Slot- Rates are higher for prime time (7 am-11 am and 5 pm-9 pm)

Can I advertise during any time of the day for the same rate?

Rates are usually higher during the peak hours (7am-11am & 5pm-9pm) in comparison to afternoon(11am to 3pm) and off-peak hours(3-5pm & 11pm-7am).

How much discount do I get if I advertise in more than 1 location?

The discount depends on the volume of business. Higher the volume, lower the rate.You will get the best advertising rates for all radio stations through us. To know more about the best deals and offers, you can call us on 09836068426, or mail us at

Is any tax applied to the radio advertising cost?

Yes, you need to pay service tax of 12.36% over your radio advertising cost.

What additional benefits do I get with my advertising package?

Based on the city,radio station and volume of your advertising requirement,you can get free value adds like sponsorship tags,RJ mentions,store visits ,interviews,etc.

Where can I get message creative developed from?

You can get your jingles and voice-overs developed from Jingles India through us. Jingles India are renowned for creating a number of jingles for successful radio advertising campaigns.

How do I deliver my ad creative to you for broadcasting?

If you have a voice over/jingle ready for use, you can give us the specifications of the creative during the booking process. Our media planners will then get in touch with you with regard to the creative.

Can I use more than 1 ad creative?

Yes,you can rotate various ad creatives in your campaign.

What would be the cost of making a voice over or a jingle?

The cost of making a jingle would be Rs 25000 and the cost of voice over would be Rs 5000.Incase your total campaign cost is above Rs 50000,you can avail a free jingle.

  • Radio Advertising helps you to promote your business by helping you reach a large number of listeners during their leisure time.It provides ample opportunity to businesses to tap their target audience enhancing their brand recall value. The cost of advertising in radio is very reasonable in comparison to the many advantages that it offers.The cost of radio advertising depends on length of your ad, the time in which your advertisement will go on air and the rating of the Radio Station.

    Being one of the traditional media's with huge listenership base, it renders fast assistance to its advertisers helping them meet their objective by capturing large "share of mind" for brands. Marketing on radio is one of the finest ways to target and persuade listeners to instantly take right call to action. Radio Advertisement is the perfect tool for advertisers, who wish to successfully influences the purchase decisions of the listeners.You can leverage the power of radio via the leading radio advertising experts,ReleaseMyAd.

ReleaseMyAd is the leading radio advertising agency assisting small business ventures to plan, produce and execute radio campaigns successfully .It is an online platform which helps advertisers to advertise in 24 radio brands and 86 cities across India.We negotiate fm radio advertising rates and provide you with the best deals. We deliver the following complimentary services for radio advertisements:
1) Media Planning: We provide all the tools to customize your campaign and generate results. We enable you to plan and buy radio advertising slots in radio stations of any location in India that can serve your objective.
2) Creative Development: We get melodious and effective jingles/voice overs developed, helping you not only to fit into listeners' entertainment space but also enabling you to catch hold their attention. Our Ad creative also assists you in increasing your brand recall value.We create great radio advertisement jingles,which would work wonders for your brand.
3) Expert Consultation: Our team skillfully interprets clients needs and continually stays up to date with all the changes and trends in the marketplace including opportunities for advertisers on radio, directing them to take right call to action to help them achieve your target.We not only tell you how to advertise in radio but also make your campaign successful.

ReleaseMyAd assists business to advertise in radio effortlessly book your Ad online and Go on Air.Follow the given steps and book your fm radio advertisement Today!
1)Select the location where you want to advertise.
2) Select requisite Campaign duration:Define your ad duration,tenure and frequency which suits your need.
-Ad Length:The span of your Ad (seconds) required to convey your message.
-Ad Frequency:The number of times you want your listeners to listen to your Ad in a day.
-Campaign Duration:The term for which you want your Ad campaign to be broadcasted.
3)View Rates for radio advertising and Choose your Preferred Radio Station.
4)Provide your contact details and business sector.
5)Select the Ad Slot you wish your Ad to play in:
-Prime Time-You can choose to play your Ad only during the peak hours of the day,when a huge listenership base is listening. OR -Throughout The Day-Here your Ad would be equally split throughout the entire day.
6)Select Dates, Preview Details and Make Payment

Your Ad would be broadcasted in the particular location on the chosen date in the preferred ad format. Our experts will handle your radio ads to generate fascinating results. For any more details and queries about radio advertising, call us on 09674167524 and get your bookings done .